Name of Company ___________________________________________________________

                                                                                                Transfer No ________________


I/We __________________________________ of _________________________________

in consideration of the sum of Taka ________________ paid to me/us by _______________

of ________________________________________________________________________

( hereinafter called “the said Transfer” ) _________________________________ do hereby

bargain/assign and transfer the said Transferee _____________________________________

Shares of Tk. __________________ each Tk. ___________________ paid up number from ________________ to ______________ inclusive in the _____________________ Limited to hold upto the said transferee his/her executors administrator and assign subject to the several conditions on which I hold the same at the time/execution hereof and I the said transferee do hereby agree to accept and take the said shares subjects to the conditions aforesaid.


As witness out hands this _____________________________ day of ____________2003




Signed by the above named                                                        Signature of Transferor

In the presence of  :


(i)  Witness to         :

      Sign, here         :

      Occupation      :

      Address           :



Signed by the above named                                                      Signature of Transferee

in the presence of  :


(ii)  Witness of        :

       Sign, here        :

       Occupation      :

       Address          :



Approved –vide resolution of the board of Director in the meeting held on _______________




Chairman/Mg. Director/Director