Form - 1

Statement containing the particulars of the firm for


Under the partnership Act. ( Act IX of 1932 )

[ See Section 58 & Rule 4 (2)]

The Registrar of Firm
Dhaka, Bangladesh
 We are the under signed partners of the firm, Named M/s.
do hereby submit the following statement
as required under section 58 of the partnership act (Act IX of 1932) for purpose of its
registration 59 of the act.
1. Name of the farm ( in block letters )
2. Date of Establishment of the firm
3. Duration of the firm ( state whether it is Partnership "At- Will" or not )
4. Principal place of business ( with full Address)
District Bangladesh

5. Names of the place (s) of business if any

6. Particulars of business, carried on
7. The date when each partner joined the firm
8. Particulars of partners (Must tally with these in the deed of partnership, if any )


Name in Full of partners

Father's/Husband's Name

Permanent Address


Capital, if any

Proposed to be

Contributed initially

Share of profit (%)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7



9. Particulars of minors, if any, admitted to the profit of partnership


Name in Full of minors

Father's Name

Permanent Address


Date of birth

Capital contributed

if any

Share of  profit (%)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
10. Enclose, if any We the partners of this firm named above do here by declare that the foregoing statement is true to
  the best of our knowledge and belief should any of the information given above is found to be false
Signed in my presence or untrue we should be jointly and/ or severally liable.
1. 1.
(Full Signature with description and address)
1. Name Description Address
2. Name Description Address