Form XIV
Declaration before commencing business in case of the Company
Filing a Statement in lieu of Prospectus
The Companies Act, 1994
( Ref. Section 150 )
 Name of the Company  
 Declaration that the conditions of section 150 of the Act have been compiled with.      
 Presented for Filling By 
 I,  of  
 being the Secretary/a Director of 
 do solemnly and sincerely declare :-
 That the amount of the share capital of the Company subject to the payment of      
 the whole amount thereof in case is Tk. 
 That the company being one which does not issue a prospectus inviting the   
 public to subscribe for its shares, there has been filed with the Registrar a statement   
 in lieu of prospectus.
 That the amount fixed by the Memorandum or Articles and named in the statement
 as the minimum subscription upon which the. Directors may proceed to allotment     
 is Tk. 
 The shares held subject to the payment of the whole amount thereof in cash have
 been allotted to the amount of Tk. 
 That every Director of the Company has paid to the Company on each of the
 shares taken or contracted to be taken by him and for which he is liable to pay in cash,
 a proportion equal to the proportion payable on application and allotment on the shares
 payable in cash.
 I declare that the foregoing statements are true to my knowledge and belief.
 Dated of the   day of