Notice of the Consolidation, Division
The Companies Act, 1994
Ref Section 53,54

Notice of Consolidation ,division, subdivision or conversion into stock of shares, specifying the shares so consolidated, divided, sub-divided or converted into stock or of the re-conversion into shares of stock, specifying the stock so reconverted or of the consolidation of shares (otherwise than in connection with a reduction of shares capital under section 59 of the Companies Act, 1994).

The Companies Act, 1994 Reg. No. _______________________
(See Sections 53 & 54) Dated    _______________________
Name of the Company _______________________________________________________
Presented for filing by _______________________________________________________
To the Registrar of Join Stock Companies _______________________________________
I ________________________________, Managing Director hereby given you notice in
accordance with section 53 & 54 of the Companies Act, 1994 that :-
1. _________________ Ordinary / Preference shares of Tk _______ each have been
  divided into _____________ Ordinary / Preference shares of Tk __________ each
  (of larger amount than the shares consolidated).
2. ______________ Ordinary / Preference shares of Tk _______ each on which Tk.
  ___________ per share is paid up have been sub-divided into _______ shares of
  Tk. ___________ each (of smaller amount than the sub-divided) on which Tk.
  ____________________ per share is paid up (which must be proportionate to the reduced nominal value of each share).
3. __________ fully paid up shares of Tk ____________ each numbered _______ to
  have been converted into stock.
4. Tk. __________ of stock has been converted into _________ fully paid shares of
  Tk. __________________ each.
5. _______________ shares of Tk. _________ each, being un-issued capital, have
  been cancelled and the amount of the authorized capital has been correspondingly diminished.
(State whether Director or Manager or Secretary)

Dated : This _______________ day of ____________

Date of EGM : ________________________________