Notice of Increase Share Capital
The Companies Act, 1994
(Ref Section 56)

Name of the Company _______________________________________________________
Presented for filing by _______________________________________________________
To the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
__________________________________________________________________ Limited.
hereby gives you notice pursuant to section 56 of the Companies Act, 1994 that by (a)
___________________ resolution of the company dated ______________________ day
of ___________ the share capital of the company has been increased by the addition
thereto of the sum of Tk _______________________________ beyond the registered
capital of Tk. __________________________ total in all is Tk. ____________________
The additional capital is divided as follows :
Number of Shares Class of Shares

Nominal Amount

of each share

        The condition (e. g voting rights, dividents, etc ) subject to which the new shares
have been or are to be issued are as follows :
(If any of the new shares are preference shares state whether they are reddemable or not)
  (State whether Director or Manager or Secretary)
Dated this ________________________ day of __________________ 20____________
(a) "Ordinary" "Extra Ordinary" or "Special"