Form No. XIX

Particulars of Modification of Mortgage or Charge


(See Section 167 (3)  & 319)

Name of the Company
Presented for filing by
Regd. Office
Regn. No

According to

Original Instrument

According to

Modification Instrument

1 2 3
 1. Date and Description of Instrument



 2. Amount Secured by the mortgage

   or charge.

 3. Brief particulars of property





 4. Gist of Terms of Conditions, or

   extent or operation of the mortgage of


  Signature: ...........................

[ State whether Director, Manager or Secretary,

or person authorized to accept service of

process under Section 391]

* In this column, Particulars have to be given only when there is a variation from column 2
Note : - Section 167 (3) of the Companies Act, 1994 provides that :-
  Whether the terms or conditions or extent or operation of any mortgage or
  Charge registered under this section are modified be it shall duty of the company
  to send to the Registrar the particulars of such modification, and the
  provision of this section as to registration mortgage or charge shall apply
  to such modification of the mortgage or charge as aforesaid.