Name Clearance (NC) is a pre-requisite for registration of a new entity (other than Foreign Company and Partnership Firm).


The promoters of a new entity (other than Foreign Company and Partnership Firm) need to apply for and get name clearance for the entity prior to applying for registration.

     iii. The promoters submit NC application to the designated RJSC office.
     iv. The promoters pay NC application fee to the designated RJSC office counter.

On receipt of a NC application and fees, RJSC provides name clearance for one of the proposed names (min. 1 no. and max. 10 nos.) for the new entity upon satisfaction that it does not closely match or resembles with any of the already taken names (registered, booked or under the process of registration of the same entity type).


Only one (1) name is cleared from among the proposed names for a new entity in one NC application.


The name clearance remains valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issue.


If applied for, the validity of name clearance may be extended upto 60 days first and thereafter upto 90 days from the date of first issue.


The promoters need to apply for registration of the cleared name within the validity (as stated above) of name clearance.


NC is not required for registration of a Foreign Company or a Partnership Firm.

  Documents Constituting a NC Application
       i. A NC application

Minutes of the 1st General Meeting of the promoters (for company only).