How to create an account
To create a new user account

At the bottom of the page, click Create My Account link or click Create New User link option under the Online User board heading  in the RJSC Internet home page and open the User Creation page.

  2. Next follow the top-down guidelines hereinafter for user creation:
A. General Information
  i Please enter your full name in the Name text box.
  ii. Next enter your email address in the Email text box.
  iii. Select the date of birth from the Calendar.

Select the sex by clicking the sex drop-down box at the right of Sex option


Enter your address in the Address text box and select the applicable district by clicking the district drop-down box at the right of District option.

  vi. Enter your occupation in the Occupation text box.
  vii. Enter your phone number in the Phone text box.
  viii. Enter your fax number in the Fax text box.
  ix. Enter your zip/postal code in the Zip/Postal Code text box.

Select the country by clicking the country drop-down box at the right of Country option.

B. Access ID
  i. Please enter login name in the Login Name text box.
  ii. Next enter new password in the Password text box.
  iii. Similarly, enter same password in the Re-type password text box.

Login Name field can contain up to 30 uppercase or lowercase characters.


Enter Password and Re-type password field, you can type a password containing 6 to 9 characters. Password is normally case sensitive, but here you can enter password either lowercase or uppercase characters.

C. Verify Your Registration
  i. Enter the code in the Code show text box.
  ii. Finally, click the button to complete a create account process.